Technology is taking over our homes and sometimes it feels a little out of control. Take back the power with six smart gadgets from Orvibo…

Vicenter-300 Smart Gateway

Top 6 Gadgets To Turn Your Home Into A Smart Hub

At the core of the ZigBee Smart Home Series is the Vicenter-300 Smart Gateway. Use this nifty little device to control, monitor and maximise efficiency for up to 150 Zigbee devices including outlets, switches, dimmers, light bulbs and security products. As impressive as this sounds, the Vicenter-300 Smart Gateway is incredibly easy to install and use. With ‘Simple Connect’ technology developed by ORVIBO, Vicenter-300 can automatically search ZigBee devices and access them to the ZigBee network without complicated network configuration or code pairing. Once paired, ZigBee devices can be controlled locally or from any part of the world via the Internet.

Motion Sensor / Door & Window Sensor

Top 6 Gadgets To Turn Your Home Into A Smart Hub

The urge to keep checking on your home when you are at work or on vacation is very real for a lot of people. The Smart Home security network offers genuine peace of mind when you leave your property empty as you will get an alert anywhere in the world if someone or something is moving about in your home or if doors and windows are opened. With easy installation – no electrician required – you can fully individualise the network to either focus on certain rooms, windows or doors or use it for your entire home or garage. Power consumption is classed as ‘ultra low’ as the battery can last for over a year, meaning your home is safe even on extended trips.

Smart Switch

Top 6 Gadgets To Turn Your Home Into A Smart Hub

Change your lighting to suit your mood with this easy to install in-wall dimmer and scene switch. Use it for all of your home lighting or pick and choose the lamps and appliances you want to make ‘smart.’ With a choice of 1/2/3 gang styles to fit your existing light panel design, the multiple smart switch is simple to install without the need of an electrician. Once set up, you can control any connected lighting manually or remotely either via the app on your mobile or any other ZigBee controller.

Wiwo-R1 AllOne

Top 6 Gadgets To Turn Your Home Into A Smart Hub

If you are tired of losing the remote controls for all your different equipment, it’s time to upgrade to the AllOne WiFi smart remote. With its powerful 360° infrared signalling, you can turn up to 150 infrared home devices into brand-new smart appliances. Whether you want to turn them on or off, change the channel, alter the volume or even set the temperature and lighting, you can do it all from the same remote control; just don’t lose it! In fact, it can even be fitted to the wall or ceiling so you can’t misplace it down the side of the sofa.

Wiwo-S20 Smart Socket

Top 6 Gadgets To Turn Your Home Into A Smart Hub

Instantly convert any plug into an intelligent outlet with the Wiwo-S20 Smart Socket. Then you can pre-set appliances and lighting solutions from your smart phone anywhere in the world or revert to the manual controls if and when you prefer. The Wiwo-S20 supports automatic configure net technology, is easy to access, install and handle, and can be activated immediately and safely.

ZigBee RGB Relay

Top 6 Gadgets To Turn Your Home Into A Smart Hub

Make your life more colourful. With the ZigBee RGB relay, users can change the colour and brightness
of RGB lights via the HomeMate app on their smartphone. The ZigBee RGB Relay can support over 16million colours and is compatible with most V+ signal RGB strip lights and RGB panel lights on today’s market (both DC12V and DC24V). So whether you want to sit back and relax, dine in style or get up and dance, you can do it all at the touch of a button in the comfort of your own home; your own Smart home, that is.

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