Every month we test the most interesting gear to bring you our selection of the exercise tools and accessories guaranteed to help you reach your fitness goals.

Adidas medicine ball

The days of old-fashioned sand-filled bladders are long gone. Modern medicine balls are made of rubber, complete with moulded handles that are easy to grip. You won’t find a finer example than this one – perfect for all those cardiovascular and strength exercises.

Price: $80 | Available at www.adidashardware.com 

JayBird Bluetooth Sportsband  

Both comfortable and extremely easy to use, these headphones are ideal for keeping you company along those long jogging sessions. You can change volume and change tracks simply by tapping the side of them, and they fit more than comfortably within your ears. Plus, lets face it, they look pretty funky, right?

Price: $100 | Available at www.amazon.com

Reebok Premium Fitness Gloves

Constructed out of real leather, complete with super soft padding on the palm and adjustable Velcro wrist-strap to ensure maximum grip, these gloves are designed to make your life much easier in the gym. Available in a choice of different colours (white, blue, pink or black).

Price: $32 | Available at www.amazon.com

Asics Gel Excel 33

Barefoot running is increasingly becoming more and more popular. These running shoes offer you the sense of lightweight, natural freedom of barefoot running, but includes a padded midsole that will help absorb the shock as you run along the ground. The upper part of the shoe also acts as a reflective agent, meaning you will be safer at night if you venture near any roads.

Price: $120 | Available at www.asicsamerica.com

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