The next evolution of wearable tech from Ralph Lauren is the perfect mix of modern tech and classic Polo. Talk about black box thinking.

Ralph Lauren has a long-standing reputation for classic style, but their new PoloTech range proves that they’re not afraid to move with the times. The PoloTech Shirt transmits fitness data from your clothing to the palm of your hand in real time during a workout. The material of the shirt is woven with genius metallic fibres that monitor your body’s heart rate, breathing depth and balance, as well as other key metrics, which are streamed to your iPhone or Apple Watch via a detachable, Bluetooth-enabled black box. Created exclusively for use with the shirt, the PoloTech App offers live biometrics, adaptive workouts and more. Ralph Lauren has managed to combine tracking technology – that works – with a clothing range that is high-end fashion at its best, and unmistakably Polo.

Track Your Progress

The detachable black box uses Bluetooth to communicate recordings from your wearable technology directly to your chosen Apple device.

Workout Wear That Adapts

The clothing range is not only comfortable and stylish, but also highly intelligent in its ability to record and transmit metric data.

Find the PoloTech range at the Ralph Lauren store at The Avenues and at

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