Of all the garments in your closet, the following five must always be kept current and up-to-date. With these top-to-toe style essentials you’ll be ready for anything.

A hat

Be it a trilby or a baseball cap, a hat is for style, not just for shade. Channel Frank Sinatra for a classic look at the polo, or a NY Yankees snapback for a baller daytime look. Safety and style, we’re all for it. Try Burberry’s The Campaign, Rabbit felt hat in Cyan Blue for a head turning reaction.

A well-tailored suit

You can’t go far wrong in a well-fitted suit. Whether it’s  40 degrees outside or not, if it’s a special occasion or even a day at the office, an amazing suit is a must. Ditch your tie to keep it fresh; no one will hold it against you. Head to your nearest Armani store for personal tailoring.

A watch

Especially for those of you who prefer to wear a dishdasha, a good watch is a centrepiece for you to really promote your sense of style. Go for gold to really impact your outfit, or bronze to adhere to the change in day. Or just buy one in every colour possible, because, why not? With Breitling’s Chronomat celebrating it’s 30th birthday, why not treat yourself to the anniversary edition?


The grown up jeans; these trousers go with anything. Throw some beige ones on with a midnight black shirt and brogues for a dapper evening look, or pair a cotton white t-shirt and navy deck shoes for an effortless relaxed daytime outfit. Head to website Mr. Draper for an online personal stylist who will choose you the perfect pair.

Good shoes

Never allow your footwear to let you down. Shoes must be clean and polished at all times. Weekends favour the boat shoe while monk strap brogues are a winner at work. Order from quality hand made British shoe retailer Herring for international shipping.

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