Now you have some ideas on how to improve your breakfast health, but what are the top athletes eating in the morning? Here are a few insights into the ultimate athletes’ breakfast routines, the Olympians themselves, to help inspire you on your way to physical fitness and optimal health.

Michael Phelps

Ultimate Olympic champion Michael Phelps is a famously big eater, and recounts in his autobiography that his go-to option as a young man was fried egg sandwiches with cheese, salad and mayonnaise, alongside an omelette, grits and pancakes. Just bear in mind you might need to burn an Olympic number of calories to take on such a mighty meal!

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods reports on his own blog that he likes to keep it simple, taking an egg-white omelette and vegetables for his breakfast meal.

Jack Oliver

Weightlifter Jack Oliver claims to drink a disgusting milkshake when he rises in the morning, containing oats, whey and colostrum, a special kind of cow’s milk. Famed for its health-boosting antibodies, this is apparently vile as well as overwhelmingly strong and rancid in taste. Not for the faint hearted!

Tom Daley

Finally diver Tom Daley likes to keep it beautifully simple and very British, with the all too classic baked beans on toast. 

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