Famous for his chameleon characters and unbelievably buff body, Tom Hardy continues to impress with his movie metamorphoses. While we can’t guarantee you a part in a movie, we can reveal how this muscle man keeps his body in peak condition on and off screen.

Who Is Tom Hardy?

As well as being an acclaimed actor, Hardy has achieved fame for his willingness and unmatched ability to pack on performance muscle, rendering him almost unrecognisable in some roles; most notably for his portrayal of imperious looking characters like Bane (The Dark Knight Rises), Bronson (Bronson), and MMA fighter Tommy Riordon (Warrior). 

So what is his secret? Well, it is fair to say the 37-year-old takes a slightly more unconventional approach to training than other well-known movie bulkers like Daniel Craig and Christian Bale. Indeed, Hardy, under the guidance of long time friend and former US marine Patrick Monroe, uses weight training strategies like ‘signalling’ and muscle confusion to get his guns and traps looking super-sharp – and now you can too.


As the name suggests, signalling is all about relaying ‘signals’ to the muscles you want to develop as often as possible. A good example of this would be to do ten press-ups every five minutes for an hour, or perhaps do sets spread throughout the day, instead of doing a few sets of press-ups to failure over five minutes.

The body is purely utilitarian. It gets good at the tasks you set for it. The best way to condition for true strength is to vary the tasks you give your body as much as possible.

Patrick Monroe

Muscle Confusion

Introducing variables, like doing ten fast press-ups, then one slow one, one on your knees, then one with arms out wide, will confuse the body and make every rep difficult.

By making every rep hard and different, you’ll ensure that the body evolves, becoming stronger in multiple areas rather than narrow areas addressed by singular movements.

Patrick Monroe

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