Sticking to your training routine and achieving your goals is easier if you have the right help and support at your side. A training partner may be crucial to your success. Here are the top four things to consider when choosing the right partner for you.

1. Reasons for working out

Find a partner who has similar reasons for working out than you. This will help you two form a stronger, more reliable bond.

2. Workout intensity

Consider your partner’s motives and goals. If you are looking to achieve ambitious fitness results fast, don’t pair with someone who comes to the gym for stress relief and socialisation, as their approach may be too moderate.

3. Your skill levels

Try to be on, or at least around, the same skill level as your partner. While you both do not need to have the same strength levels, being as experienced with lifting and understanding the various training techniques can be helpful.

4. Workout schedules

Consider your schedules are like, making sure both can commit to a time to train together, and that it is the time of the day when you both are at your best.

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